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Access to Takayama Kanko Hotel

From Tokyo to Hida Takayama Station By Train

Take Shinkansen to Nagoya Station (around 100 minutes)
From Nagoya Station, change to Wide View Hida and get off at Hida Takayama Station. (around 130 minutes)

From Tokyo to Hida Takayama Station By Highway Bus

Take the highway bus from Shinjuku station until Hida Takayama Station. (around 5 hours 40 minutes)

Upon arrival

From the Hida Takayama Station, we will pick you up at 14:15 - 18:15 with our hotel bus.
If you inform us your preferred pick-up time, we will arrange a pick-up service as requested. As it may take some time for the arrangement, please make the request as early as possible.

Upon Departure

The bus to Takayama station leaves at 08:00, 09:00, 09:30 and 10:00 in the morning. For some additional tour, you may get off at Miyagawa Asaichi morning market on the way to the station.
*Please kindly note that we cannot provide you a bus from the market to the station.